Long-distance taxi rates within Yakutia. As of Oct. 20, 2009.

July 6, 2008

In Yakutia we have a sort of long distance taxi drivers, who are ready to give you a ride from Yakutsk to any settlement within the republic for certain price, sure, if there are roads to your destinations. Further find current rates.

South Destinations:
Tommot – 2200 rubles.
Aldan – 2300 rubles.
Nerungri – 2800 rubles.
Blagoveshensk – 5000 rubles.

East Destinations:
The river pass over the Aldan river is closed. No taxi going to the following destination currently. Below see the approx. rates for winter.

Khandyga – 2500 rubles.
Topolinoe – 3000 rubles.
Oymyakon, Tomtor – 4500 rubles.
Ust-Nera – 6000 rubles.

West Destinations:
Kyzyl Syr – 1800 rubles.
Viluisk – 1500 rubles.
Verkhne-Viluisk – 1800 rubles.

No ferries cross the Vilyuj river at the moment. All cars heading for Nurba, Suntar, Mirny, Aikhal goes to the river bank after Verkhne-Viluisk. After passengers need to cross the river by local boats and find cars going to their wished destinations. Below see the approx. rates for winter.

Nurba – 3000 rubles.
Suntar – 4000 rubles.
Mirny – 6000 rubles.
Aikhal – 7500 rubles.
Udachny – 8000 rubles.

South-West Destinations:
Lensk – 6500 rubles. Approx. winter rate. Currently no cars goes this way. The reason is mentioned above.
Olekminsk – 3000 rubles (in winter only).

Arctic Destinations:
Verkhoyansk – n/a.
It is possible to join truckers, but you need to negotiate the price by yourself.

Information politely provided by Riksha Taxi Service, +7914273-99-22, +79142757576, +7914275-88-88, Russian speaking only.

NOTE: In the winter rates might be higher a little bit.

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