Major cities in Yakutia

November 16, 2008

Information on Yakutsk, Mirny, Nerungri, Lensk. Key facts.


Capital of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia). One of the oldest towns in Siberia. The territory of Yakutsk urban community makes 3.6 thousand sq m, including 1.6 thousand sq m within urban area. The administratively it is composed of 14 boroughs.

Yakutsk is a large administrative, industrial, cultural, and scientific centre. 12 thousand companies have been incorporated and registered here. As for industrial profile, a considerable share is represented by fuel-energy complex facilities (53%), food industry (18%), diamond cutters (11%), and construction materials manufacturers (4%).

Yakutsk hosts the headquarters of largest companies of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia): “Yakutskenergo” JSC, “Sakhaenergo” JSC, “Yakutgazprom” JSC, “Sakhaneftegazsbyt” JSC, “Almazy Anabara” JSC, “Nizhne-Lenskoe” JSC, ÎÎÎ NPK “Sakha Diamond” LLC,
“Sakhatelecom” JSC, etc.

A wide network of trading companies is functioning, along with more than 200 catering points. The guests of the capital have 24 hotels at their disposition, which are capable of accommodating 1,238 people simultaneously. The population, as for January 1, 2008, totals 246 thousand people, which makes approximately 25 percent of the Republic’s population.


Founded in 1955 after the discovery of diamond deposit at Mir pipe, and is the administrative, cultural, and scientific centre of Western Yakutia. It is colloquially called the diamond capital of the Republic. The population makes 79.3 thousand people.


A large administrative, industrial, and cultural centre of Southern Yakutia. It is also called the coal province centre. Neryungri region’s economy is based on coal and gold mining, and electric power generation. Neryungri has outstanding prospects for development, due to unprecedented and abundant mineral resources, combined with highly skilled managerial and labour staff. The population makes 86.3 thousand people.


A large river port, operating in receiving and transporting materials for diamond mining industry. The leading economic branch is timber industry (timber harvesting and processing); other major activities are river and motorway transportation services, construction materials manufacturing, and food industry. Oil extracting industry development is a prospective direction. The population makes 33.3 thousand people.

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