Map of GULAGs on the Road of Bones, Oymyakonsky region/Yakutia

February 11, 2010

GULAGs researcher always asked me whether I had a map of GULAGs located on Siberia’s famous Road of Bones. I answered that I didn’t have. Now I have it on the blog.

The Road of Bones is the part of the Kolyma Highway constructed by GULAGs prisoners between Khandyga and Magadan in Stalin’s time. Many innocent people died in the course of its construction. It is believed that there were one dead prisoner per one kilometer. The length of the mentioned route is ~1700 km. So you can imagine how many people passed away and were buried under the road.

Map of GULAGs in Oymyakonsky region, Yakutia/Siberia
Click the pic to enlarge the map. The photo was made in a history & culture museum in Tomtor by Kirill Levin during our journey to the Pole of Cold. Size 1.3 Mb.

This is the map of GULAGs located in the Oymyakonsky region on the east side of the Verkhoyansky Range. There were also a lot of labour camps located on the east side, north to the village of Topolinoe from the Kolyma Highway.

In the map GULAGs are marked by blue points in black circles. The name of now existing settlements are written in red Latin letters.

UPDATE, Apr 22nd, 2015:

12-Day Gulag Road Trip from Yakutsk to Magadan

Finally, I have designed a special tour. Looking for travel mates!

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