Who is coming to bike the Road of Bones in summer 2012? Motorcycle adventure in Siberia is here. Watch the video!

April 12, 2012

This is my question. Just really wonder, who will be those lucky guys to experience motorcycle adventure through Siberia and the Road of Bones in Yakutia to Magadan.

Meanwhile, watch the above video, browse through tons of advices in posts tagged under Road of Bones, and check the new weblog AskMagadan.com.

The featured amazing trip was done by an Austrian fellow Hansjörg Xdream Franz. Unfortunately, I don’t know his website yet, but I’ll ask him.

Last summer, Hansjorg was here with a Harley Davidson rider Doug Wothke.

Doug Wothke and Hansjörg Xdream Franz
Doug Wothke and Hansjörg Xdream Franz in Yakutsk, Siberia / Russia.

Motorbikers in Yakutsk, Russia
With some other brave guys.

See other photos in the post Photos: Motorbikers are getting ready for breaking through the old route of the Kolyma Highway (Road of Bones), Siberia / Russia.

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