How to ship vehicles/cars/motorcycles from Magadan (Russia) to Anchorage (Alaska/USA)?

September 5, 2012

I am back to Yakutsk. Spent two weeks in the town of Anapa, children’s resort on the Black Sea shore, Russia. Found out I missed a few questions from Valter, who is planning with his daughter a trip from Sweden to San Diego via Russia next summer.

Here’s what he asked:

We will be driving a VW bus that we want to ship from Magadan to Anchorage if possible. Do you know any shipping company that can arrange this and how often do the boats go? Which is the easiest way for us to travel to Anchorage? Is it possible to go by boat or do we have to fly?

We are also interested in which places to visit while in Siberia, and we are wondering if the old road between Yakutsk and Magadan is driveable around August?

Find my answers further.

Here is what overland travellers tend to do, once they made it to Magadan:

1. They ship their transport to Vladivostok and then to any sea port in the US. There is no regular cargo connection between Magadan (Russia) and Anchorage (Alaska/USA), as no custom clearance (for export) post in Magadan.

You will need to use two different shipping companies. One will deliver your vehicle to Vladivostok, another to worldwide.

To make things easy, recommend to use a fixer in Vladivostok, whose name is Yuri Melnikov, the owner of Links LTD. He deals with cargo companies and he is able to arrange shipment even from Magadan to any international port.

Please, check my post about him in my previous post Do you know any contact (a fixer, travel/custom helper) in Vladivostok, Russia?

You might also wish to check my post called How to ship your moto or vehicle from/to Magadan & from/to Vladivostok by sea?

So, it’s not a big deal!

2. Also I know that Yakutia Airlines ( has flights YakutskPetropavlovsk-Kamchatsk (Kamchatka) – Anchorage (USA). This company has also connections b/w Magadan – Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsk and Vladivostok – – Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsk.

So, you can fly from Magadan/Vladivostok to Kamchatka, then to the Alaska-based city of Anchorage.

It’s better to purchase air tickets directly from Yakutia Airlines on its website, so it will be possible to change tickets, if any, once you are in Russia.

If you get tickets through a travel or ticket agency located in your country, you won’t be able to do it when you are in Yakutsk, Magadan, Vladivostok, as it should be done by your agency only.

3. Yes, it’s possible to drive through the old summer Kolyma road between Tomtor and Magadan Oblast in August, but there is a high risk for heavy rains to occur.

Rains in that area mean high level of waters in rivers with no bridges on this particular road part. If it happens, you will need to go through the new Kolyma road via Ust Nera.

Highly recommend to drive the Kolyma road in July, when we have hot dry days.

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