Yakutsk – Oymyakon – Magadan. The World’s Coldest Road Trip in Winter 2013-2014.

May 12, 2013

Finally, I am publishing 127 photographs of the “Yakutsk – Oymyakon – Magadan. The World’s Coldest Road Trip” overland adventure travel that was done in cooperation with Nord Stream LLC on the Kolyma Road of Bones in winter 2013. That trip was announced previously here.

In the 2013 February winter trip, we had 8 travellers from different nations (1 Brazilian, 1 Catalonian, 1 French, 3 Germans, 1 Dutch, 1 American). They were great!


Announce proudly the start of gathering groups for the “Yakutsk – Oymyakon – Magadan. The World’s Coldest Road Trip” overland adventure tour in winter 2013-2014.

Let’s have the greatest fun experience on the road trip from Yakutsk to Magadan via Oymyakon in the world’s coldest place!

Join us in the upcoming winter!

overland winter adventure travel tour description

Trip Duration: 8 days on the road + 2 nights in Magadan.
Group size: 5 people (one group in one van).
Tour starts in Yakutsk.

Additional days: 1-2 days in Yakutsk for preparing to the Yakutsk – Oymyakon – Magadan winter road trip.

Route: Yakutsk – Khandyga – Oymyakon – Ust Nera – Susuman – Magadan.
Distance: ~2500 km (with all short rides within villages and turns the total distance might be longer)

Note: for safety reasons, we prefer to gather as minimum as 2 cars (with 5 people in each mini van) for the road journey.



1 Day: Yakutsk – Khandyga. Stay for night in a private guest house.

2 Day: Khandyga – Kyubeme – Oymyakon. Road trip goes through the Verkhoyansk mountain pass. Accommodation in a private guest house.

3 Day: Oymyakon. Sightseeing. Sakha folk concert. The Pole of Cold Certificate award ceremony. Ice fishing.

4 Day: Oymyakon – Tomtor – Oymyakon. Visiting Yakutian horse breeder’s farm, regional history museum, ice sculpture cave, meteo station (it’s the place where the record of the lowest temperature was fixed).

5 Day: Oymyakon – Uchyugei – Oymyakon. Visiting reindeer herders’ winter camp. Shot reindeer sledding.

6 Day: Oymyakon – Ust Nera. In the early morning, we start our journey to Ust Nera on the new route of the Kolyma Highway with the most picturesque mountain landscapes. Stay for night in a private guest house.

7 Day: Ust Nera – Susuman. Road trip to the gold miners’ settlement of Susuman (Magadan Oblast).

8 Day: Susuman – Magadan. Arrival to Magadan.

9 Day: Magadan. Sightseeing.

10 Day: Departure from Magadan.


We will:

  • gather and travel with two cars (vans) as minimum; three cars might be on the track;
  • have a sattelite phone for emergency calls;
  • have a SPOT tracker (given by Russian Ministry of Emergency, i.e. EMERCOM);
  • register the world’s Yakutsk – Oymyakon – Magadan coldest road trip at EMERCOM.


We recommend to take outdoor gears from such brands as Canada Goose and The North Face. Good underwears are produced by the Swedish company TERMO.

In Yakutsk, we’ll do additional shopping in case if you need to buy warm clothes such as gloves, hats, fur boots or valenki, etc. More info are given at request.

Check also the post “Warm Clothes to Buy in Yakutsk, Yakutia, Russia’s Siberia.”


To get an idea of what a winter road trip might be in Yakutia, Russia, check out following posts with reports and photos from my previous travels:

You might wish to see pictures of the 2013 winter road trips below.


Music by the “103″ rock band.

In the above video: Yakutsk – Magadan Travel in Winter 2013.


Photo credit: Ajar Varlamov/AskYakutia.com & VisitYakutia.com.
Ajar Varlamov is our German-speaking guide and tour photographer.


Per person in a group of 5 people: 153 268 RUB (~4540 USD / ~3352 EUR, as of Jan 19th, 2014)

Price includes:

  • visa support (providing an invite for the Russian tourist visa)
  • booking hotel rooms in Yakutsk, Khandyga, Oymyakon, Ust Nera, Susuman, Magadan;
  • airport-hotel transfer in Yakutsk;
  • transport service for 2 work days within Yakutsk;
  • group’s sightseeing tour in Yakutsk;
  • translator service in Yakutsk;
  • accommodation in Khandyga (1 night in guest house without breakfast), Oymyakon (1 night in guest house with 3-times food included), Ust Nera (1 night guest house without breakfast), Susuman (hotel without breakfast), Magadan (hotel with breakfast);
  • renting a mini van + driver’s fee + all transport-related expenses + driver’s accommodation & food (that’s for the 10-day road trip period) + driver’s travel back to Yakutsk;
  • English or German speaking guide’s service + guide’s accommodation & food during the trip + guide’s travel back to Yakutsk;
  • cultural program (includes folk concert in Oymyakon, Pole of Cold certificate, ice fishing on the Indigirka River, visit to horse breeders in Tomtor, visit to reindeer herders in Uchyugei, visit to ice cave in Tomtor; visit a musuem in Tomtor; if we’ll be lucky with permission to visit Oymyakon meteo station, this visit will be included as well);
  • Sightseeing tour in Magadan;
  • Hotel-airport transfer in Magadan.

Price does NOT include:

  • food;
  • accommodation in Yakutsk;
  • one-day tours out of Yakutsk (for instance, to Lena Pillars on the Lena River);
  • one-day tours out of Magadan (for instance, ice fishing in Magadan Bay on the Okhotsk Sea);
  • medical insurance (a traveller should have his/her own travel insurance from the company that has a Russian partner; please, check it with your insurance company).


Non-refundable deposit: 19 872 RUB (~ 589 USD / ~ 435 EUR, according to the currency rate as of Jan 21st, 2014)

Rest of the travel cost should be paid 1 month prior to the start of the Yakutsk – Oymyakon – Magadan road trip. You can do it via PayPal or by bank wire.

Payments are done by PayPal (in RUB) or bank transfers (in USD and EUR according the bank’s current exchange currency rate). Invoices might be provided for each transaction.


Feel free to contact me.

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