Adventure motorcycle ride on the Road of Bones (Kolyma Highway) in Russia’s Siberia in the late September [info]

June 6, 2013

Motor bike riding the Road of Bones, Kolyma Highway, in Yakutia, Siberia, Russia, in September
An icy bridge on the Road of Bones. By

Digged out the following question:

“I found your website while doing some research for an upcoming motorbike trip this summer. I ended up spending the last two days reading many of your fantastic articles (and also many of those you linked to).”

“I was hoping you could provide me with some advice: We were originally thinking to do Walter and Sherry Jo’s route (Magadan to Irkutsk via Yakutsk/Mirny/Lensk) in the opposite direction. Unfortunately, due to some restrictions, we could only start in Irkutsk late August/early September. After reading all your posts, it seems that this is a little late, as it would probably take us until about end of September to get to Magadan. Now the question is whether you think this is too late to ride this way, and how good the odds are that the temperature is not falling below zero in September. Do you think it is feasable to get at least to Yakutsk with reasonable temperatures, and then head south? Many thanks for taking your time to read this. Any advice and suggestions are highly appreciated.”

The above photo was taken by Mick McDonald, who led Compass Expeditions adventure motorcycle tour from London to Magadan and rode the Road of Bones in the late September of 2010.

In 2010, his London to Magadan motortour was recognized by NatGeo Traveler as the Travel of a Lifetime.

Right after his first long epic journey Mick McDonald wrote to me sharing his Road of Bones ride he started after September 20th.

“We all made it to Magadan but the ride took us 7 days due to a broken trailer axle but the guys from Sussaman took great care of us and the axle,” wrote he.

“Late September was perhaps a little late to be riding the ROB as we had a number of snow storms and heaps of bike crashes as the road turned to ice.”

So, Mick, of Compass Expeditions, has answered the question. To ride on the Road of Bones (Kolyma Highway) from Yakutsk to Magadan by motorcycle in the late September is already cold. The road becomes icy. Downs might happen. But… you’ll have stories to share with friends then :)

Have a great ride, guys!

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