Hotels and B&B in Yakutsk, Russia. Recommendations for international visitors!

February 2, 2014

Yakutsk Hotels Map

The 2GIS app is a good tool to navigate through Yakutsk, Russia. All organizations are listed, including hotels and guest houses. Unfortunately, the app comes in Russian only.

Very often asked about hotels to stay in the city of Yakutsk, Russia’s Siberia. Praise god, most of them have their own websites. Check out the following list of recommendations that I usually send to international travelers at request.

Recommended Hotels & B&B in Yakutsk, Russia’s Siberia:

Polar Star (expensive)
Tygyn Darkhan (relatively expensive)
Sterkh (relatively expensive)
Sonata (relatively expensive)
Orto Doydu (relatively expensive)
Lena Hotel (budget, Soviet-style)
Ontario Hotel (budget, but in the suburb of the city)
Bed & Breakfast BRAVO (lowest prices for high-quality service, English-speaking staff, Russia visa support available)
Penthouse Bed & Breakfast (lowest prices for high-quality service, 100% prepayment required for booking), in Russian only.

All the listed hotels have Wi-Fi, migration registration service, and surely breakfast.

To compare prices and book rooms is possible at


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