Extracting the Perfect Espresso Shot

November 28, 2016

Are you trying to get the ‘the good shot’? Well, in that case, you have landed to the rightmost place. Brewing the perfect espresso shot is not so easy. It really requires the best machine, a perfect grinder, and a foolproof brewing technique. Espresso is a mysterious drink. We’ve all been lured into the haze of misunderstandings and misinformation by the likes of Starbucks, krups, and countless other brands looking to make espresso easy and cheap. Don’t take the bait guys. Before jumping in, let’s make sure that you are wearing the right clothes. There are a handful of things which should be considered while preparing to take a plunge and we call them brewing variables. Most of these apply when making the coffee of any kind but some are unique to espresso. Let’s sort them out.

espresso machineTo extract the perfect shot of espresso, a confluence of events must occur that relates the mechanical precision with human judgment. It starts with the decision of espresso machine. Basically, there are four types of espresso machines available in the market i.e. manual, semi- auto, automatic, and super – auto. But, to brew the perfect espresso, the semi – automatic machine is supreme one. This is the most recommended espresso machine as it can do anything for you. It helps in maintaining the good brewing temperature by turning on the heating element inside when the machine detects the certain drop in the boiler temperature. In the old days, the baristas would have to decide when to engage and disengage the broiler heaters – those days are long gone, thankfully. It also regulates the pump pressure, which means the consistent pressure on the bed of the coffee. Well, it also capable of programming the auto – on and auto – off time. Such a feature would surely permit you to wake up in the morning to a freshly brewed espresso which makes to ready to take on the day ahead.

Having the superb semi – auto espresso machine is not enough to brew the perfect shot. You will also require a good quality grinder. Basically, the grinder is needed to grind the coffee beans finely so that the aroma of the same can be easily flavored your espresso. The grinder has the ability to enhance the surface area of the coffee beans that comes into the contact with water. Through the milling of the ground process, the cell structure of the coffee bean is broken up and the aroma, flavors, and color are easily released. Depending on the preparation method of the coffee, the grind must be specifically chosen so as to get the desired result in the cup.

Now, you are just one step behind from extracting the perfect shot of espresso. Along with the marvelous semi – auto espresso machine and the good grinder, you will need the ideal and foolproof technique to prepare ‘the good shot’. First of all, you should fill the machine’s reservoir with the cold and filtered water. Once you know that you are working with the happy H20, saunter down to the next step. Turn on the espresso machine and give the plenty of time to heat up. Don’t assume that you are ready to go as soon as you’re up to the brewing temperature. Lock an empty portafilter and then run the machine for a few seconds. Then, dose the 18 to 21 grams of the freshly grounded coffee beans in the portafilter. Tamp with your wrist, elbow, and arm which is positioned directly over the center of the portafilter basket. Return the portafilter to the group headed basket begins brewing. Begin infusion and end brew at the pre – determined yield. Before serving, mix crema by stirring and pouring espresso into another cup.

So, with the best semi- automatic machine, the good grinder, and the foolproof technique, you can easily brew the perfect shot of espresso that would taste heavenly. Well, I am going to take the pleasure of the perfect espresso and if you are seeking the ‘the good or the GOD shot’ then you should follow the post right from the top and let me know whether you are succeeded in the same or not.

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